Microsoft 365

Don’t be misled, Microsoft 365 is new and not to be mistaken for Office 365 (yes they are different things entirely!). I wish Microsoft had decided to call the new suites something drastically different like ‘Microsoft Rucksack’ or something because the distinction between Microsoft 365 and Office 365 from Microsoft is going to cause customer confusion!

So we all know what Office 365 is, what on earth is Microsoft 365? Microsoft 365 is essentially a bundle of three core Microsoft solutions;

  • Office 365 (no surprise there)
  • Windows 10 (the best part about this new product range)
  • EM+S (kind of)

I’m sure they’ll launch more variations but at present Microsoft 365 comes in two plans. This is a refreshing and welcome change to the current 46 different Office 365 plans! Don’t be fooled though, both new Microsoft 365 plans have two flavours;

Two available plans with two flavours;

Microsoft 365 Enterprise – Released August 1st, 2017

Microsoft 365 Business – Public preview released August 2nd, 2017 (should be ready by Autumn)

As of the middle of August 2017 (when I wrote this blog), this is literally all of the available information from Microsoft with regards to Microsoft 365. It was announced by Satya Nadella at Microsoft Insight only a couple of weeks ago, so I guess there’s more content on the way.

When comparing the two new paths you’ll notice that some of the individual services over-lap. Listed under ‘Enterprise’, an inclusive feature is described one way but under ‘Business’ it seems like the same product but a slightly different choice of words, it’s not quite clear.

I’ve done my best to collate the information into the table below but I’m not 100% sure if it’s correct. I’ll keep an eye on the details as they are released and update the table accordingly.

Comparison Table

M365 Compare Chart (Image)

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