Picture2MCSE | MCSA | MCP – I’ve operated in various IT roles for eight years in the IT Managed Services market where I was exposed to a broad spectrum of technologies. I have been consulting on cloud-based platforms for three years, designing and deploying enterprise level solutions.

My blogging style and purpose;

  1. I don’t beat around the bush! – What I mean by this is, most technical talk online (in particular related to newer technologies) is conceptual and vague with a focus on marketing jargon. Microsoft are notorious for both extremes, the sales ‘guff’ at one end (lots of talking but not really saying anything) and the super over-engineered technical lingo at the other end of spectrum (typically, “I don’t really know how to articulate this topic so here’s a bunch of PowerShell”). I am aim to cut straight to the point, highlighting the key facts of discussed topics and putting technologies in real-world contexts.
  2. Bad memory – Everyone’s different, for me, I only really remember stuff when I’ve explained it to someone else (weird I know). This blog enables me to concrete things I learn along the way; my memory intensive line of work often leads to a memory wipe! T-Cut Cloud in that respect, is my memory dump!

If you wish to contact me directly, feel free to email message me via social media platforms.

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