Capture - CopyFollowing graduation from an IT academy, I’ve been operating as an ‘IT pro’ within the IT managed services market for over 8 years.  I’ve been exposed to vast array of technologies and worked with over 200 organisations. My specialities are Microsoft Azure and Office 365 (if I had to pick two, although the two I’ve picked are pretty broad!).

Following nationwide internet investment across the UK over the past couple of years, public cloud platforms and solutions have become far more attractive and viable. I studied Microsoft Azure, a natural progression from a predominantly Office 365 workload since 2014. Public cloud studies opened my mind to the future of computing and the exciting power of such large-scale capabilities made available to any size organisation.

I spend my working days consulting enterprise organisations and taking them on a ‘cloud journey’, modernising the . When not working, I spend my time snowboarding and playing video games.

My blogging style and purpose;

  1. I don’t beat around the bush! – What I mean by that is, most technical talk online (in particular related to newer technologies) is conceptual and vague with a focus on marketing jargon. Microsoft are notorious for both extremes, the sales guff at one end (lots of talking but not really saying anything) and the super over-engineered technical lingo at the other end of spectrum (typically, “I don’t really know how to articulate this topic so here’s a bunch of PowerShell”). I am aim to cut straight to the point, highlighting the key facts of discussed topics and putting technologies in real-world context.
  2. Bad memory – Everyone’s different, for me, I only really remember stuff when I’ve explained it to someone else (weird I know). This blog enables me to concrete things I learn along the way; my memory intensive line of work often leads to a memory wipe! T-cut Cloud in that respect, is my memory dump!

If you wish to contact me directly, feel free to email message me via social media platforms.

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