AD FS Vs ADConnect

Often, customers ask “What’s the difference between AD FS and ADConnect?”. In this post I hope to cover what both of these things are and more importantly the differences. AD FS Let’s start with AD FS or ‘Active Directory Federated Services’. What does it mean to federate? Google says; “(with reference to a number of … More AD FS Vs ADConnect

Microsoft 365

Don’t be misled, Microsoft 365 is new and not to be mistaken for Office 365 (yes they are different things entirely!). I wish Microsoft had decided to call the new suites something drastically different like ‘Microsoft Rucksack’ or something because the distinction between Microsoft 365 and Office 365 from Microsoft is going to cause customer … More Microsoft 365

Azure Load Balancers

In this post I’ll walk you through Azure load balancers without all the fluff you’ll find elsewhere online. After reading this you’ll understand load balancing concepts in Azure. Load Balancing Re-Cap Traditionally load balancing is what it says on the tin, balancing loads. Anyone who has ever configured a Kemp or similar device will understand … More Azure Load Balancers